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Elle Spook
Artist | Student | Varied
Hello fellow deviants! I am Elle, and I live in Ontario,Canada. I like to write poetry, and that's probably what brought you to my page. I also knit and make jewellery.
Currently I'm working on a series of poems that are based on a list of prettiest words so that's why the majority of my poems have definitions. Here is the link if you are curious… and if you do use it as prompts, let me know- I'd love to read what your take is on these words.
I also will do commissions for poetry and knitting and general fiction as well.
Plus: I am also looking for art to write poetry responses to- if you want me to write a response to a piece- let me know.
Dear Readers,
So, you may have noticed that I haven't been posting a lot recently. And by that I mean I haven't posted anything good since- January maybe? Nuu  
And despite this massive creative roadblock- guess what this idiot does? 
Signs up for a creative writing class in uni where they are writing prose mostly. HERP DERP.
As you may know, I am most comfortable with poetry. I am constantly jotting down poems in the margins of things and playing with phrases, and generally just waiting for inspiration to strike me. Prose requires planning. Premeditation. It's less about images and more about substance, and action. I can't do action T.T *flail* I was all pumped because it was like- ok, I can write a bit of prose, and this will help me get better, and the professor promotes a positive work environment. But I'm just terrified that my work isn't my best work, even if I worked for over an hour on it. I wrote a description for my first assignment and it was like- CANNOT FUNCTION. SHUTTING DOWN. BRRRRRR...  but I got through it, and sent it off- and then immediately- BAM. Two obvious typos- and I'm sitting here going- :shifty: hopefully no one really notices that I f****d up the comma there, or changed tenses in the middle of a sentence. 
That's my problem with prose writing- I change tenses a lot. I don't know why I do it, but I'll be describing something- and for some reason I will have an awkward switch between the past and the present tense. Also, some commas mystify me. If I see a certain sentence that's written in a certain way, I can be like- yes, that comma was used incorrectly. However, in my own writing I find it a bit difficult to discern where those damn commas are supposed to go half the time. 
For example, Let's Eat, Grandma. Vs. Let's eat Grandma. I know which one is wrong and which is right.
However, I'll be typing a sentence like this and all of sudden, I will be unsure of where the proper place for a comma is. Did I make the right decision putting a comma after "all of a sudden"? I should know. But I don't.
Not that I don't love you, my gorgeous audience members- who've been with me through thick and thin and tbh, a lot of crap. However,this experience allows me to be judged by my peers- people who are the same age, with the same level of education, in a setting designed for them to offer criticism about my work and for me to read their work. Work that might possibly exceed my own greatly. Plus I'm severely out of my comfort zone. 
The professor made a point of talking about a poet he once taught and the fact that her writing was too frilly and poetic. Immediately after he says, play to your strengths and I'm like... strengths?  Strength= poetry for me. 

The Bright Side: I write and I get a good mark- easy as that. The professor says that he doesn't feel right marking people on their writing exactly, so he's marking us for handing in assignments and contributing in class.

Another weird strange thing about this exercise. I was talking about an idea I had for my piece with this one girl in my class, and I asked her about hers. She said it was kind of a weird idea, and then made me take a picture with her. So  I think she might be writing about me, and now I'm even more anxious because I don't know how this girl saw me and is going to write about me. O.o 
 With love,

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A hug for you. :iconsweethugplz: Hope you can feel better soon.
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It would appear we're partners in writing! I've been looking through your stuff to get a feel for a style. I'm optimistic.
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